Families, food and great beer: Burghfield’s pop-up pub hits the community spot

Burghfield's Pop Up Pub.

Organised by Burghfield charitable group, Burghfield Santas, the Pop Up Pub at the Recreation Ground has returned for the summer holidays and already raised thousands for Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

So last night (Friday) I popped up to the Rec to see what the Pop Up Pub was like (also known as The Bulging Sack in the Park). We decided to see what a Friday evening in Burghfield was really like. Here’s our experience:

No music…actually quite civilised. Loads of families and friends sitting in camp chairs in groups.

Grandparents, their children, their grandchildren all laughing and playing on the grass. Loads and loads of dogs all playing with each other and the children..all of them bounding round the wide expanse of the Rec together.

Loads of teenagers…playing football in the Muga.

It struck me that it was mainly young families. Great to see so many of our RAF residents enjoying an evening off and being able to drink & chat. I mean ..it was just so happy. New families being introduced to each other, connections being made, ideas being swapped and people talking about why it is so great to live in Burghfield!

So this went on till it closed at 9.00pm I think and a load of us just sat chatting in our chairs till darkness fell – Santas and others going around cleaning up…but it was just a quiet affair after the shutters came down.

My two friends offered to escort me back to Burghfield Towers but via the Kebab Shop on Clayhill Road. People were laughing and playing with their kids as they waited …the Bageecha was pretty full too.

Lost my Sausage and Chips virginity and from what I vaguely remember – they were pretty good.

From there I stumbled my way across country to home. It was silent in Burghfield. I did see a Muntjac Deer..A vixen with 2 cubs and heard an Owl. There were other people walking home from various places…we took turns to walk in the road around each other with a pleasant “hello” or “goodnight”…The sky was clear, the stars were out, the lanes were green, the fields parched. In the distance you could see the twinkling of Reading’s construction crane lights.

But – I thought to myself – “we are bloody lucky to live in all this countryside, the people are nice and friendly and cheerful and supportive. We have events and we also have a peaceful countryside Parish.

So..yes..maybe 5 Rebellion Lagers helped but I just wanted to say – for last night I am so proud and happy to live with all my great friends here in Burghfield.

This is the Burghfield I know.

David – Editor (BC)

More on Burghfield Santas at burghfieldsantas.org.uk – Pop Up Pub dates for summer 2022 are here.

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